Elisabeth Reaser Must Find The Way To Save Her Youngest Daughter From Ouija

Ouija The Origin Of Evil Trailer Pic August 14, 2016

Mike Flanagan, Michael Bay, Jeff Howard and Bradley Fuller have worked together to develop an upcoming horror movie that will release on October 21, 2016, Ouija: Origin Of Evil. The movie will set as a prequel of Ouija (October 24, 2014), where Alice Zander (Elisabeth Reaser), a mother with her two daughters, Paulina Zander (young) (Annalise Basso) and Doris Zander (Lulu Wilson) use a scam business by using a stunt. However, they don’t know their scam business lead into a spirit who uses Doris. As a mother, Alice Zander must find a way to save her from the other side into her normal life. Here is the trailer =

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