More Updates For Gundam Extreme VS Force

Gundam Extreme VS Force Logo

Bandai Namco Entertainment Has revealed more mobile suits and systems of upcoming Gundam VS series that has released for Playstation Vita with the release date December 23, 2015 with the price JPY 6,800 (USD 56.44), Gundam Extreme VS Force. More updates that has revealed are =

  • Mack Knife (2000 Cost + pilot = Mask)
  • Gundam Physalis (2500 Cost + pilot = Anavel Gato)
  • Master Gundam (3000 Cost + pilot = Master Asia)
  • Turn X (3000 Cost + pilot = Gym Ghingham)
  • Strike Freedom Gundam (3000 Cost + pilot = Kira Yamato)
  • 00 Gundam (3000 Cost + pilot = Setsuna F. Seiei)
  • Course Battle Mode where players can choose 8 courses (Course A-H). The more difficulty course, the more GP gets
  • Players can configure the button based on players’ favorite play styles
  • An update for free battle version 1.01 update
  • In Extreme Force Mode update, players can choose Mobile Suits again to challenge the mission again

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