Soul Gauge New System And Character Story Updates Have Revealed In Tales Of Berseria


Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed more character and a new system for Tales Of Berseria, an upcoming RPG that will release for Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 sometime in year 2016 in Japan and Playstation 4 and Steam PC in Europe =

  • Velvet will deal with more Seiryou soldiers so Eleanor will face her many times
  • Tamashii people use Malaks (in human and non-human), the power to fight Daemons
  • Many humans affected with Daemonblight disease that can go berserk and attack humans, but some of them can manage their diseases, like Velvet and Rokurou
  • In Liberation LMBS, many arte sets can be set by the player so anyone can use various link artes
  • TOB Soul Gauge Pic

  • The Soul Gauge is a new system that contains “Soul” icons, the amount of which the party battles in blue diamond shape icon. Souls can be stolen from the enemy, but enemies can also steal your Souls
  • TOB Soul Gauge Shows Up Pic

  • Souls will drop on the battlefield and get or recover it by touching during the battle. The party successfully avoid the enemy with an Around step and Soul will show up

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