Elenaor And Rokurou Will Join Velvet’s Journey


Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed more characters for Tales Of Berseria, an upcoming RPG that will release for Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 sometime in year 2016 in Japan and Playstation 4 and Steam PC in Europe =

  • ToB Eleanor Pic

    Eleanor (CV = Koshimizu Ami), a first-class Tamaishi on Seiryou side that prevents the Daemon threat. She is a serious woman and do not forget the consideration, but she wants to do the right decision based on her personality that will aware of her own immaturity to find the truth

  • ToB Rokurou Pic

    Rokurou (CV = Kishio Daisuke), a swordsman that always cheerful. He became a Daemon, but he used it to master sword techniques and continues to walk his own path. He joins Velvet’s journey as a debt to her. His weapons are “Swords of Life” on his back and dual daggers

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