Diet Or Exercise? The Choice Is Yours

Burn Calories Pic

You want to set your health goal, like losing your weight, get more energy or reduce your risk of heart disease. However, you seem confuse to choose which exercise do you want to set. You can exercise or diet to get more healthy, but the decision of choices are in your hands. Here are tips for diet and exercise =

  • If you want to drop a dress size, you can focus on diet and take exercise by eating fewer calories, that will lead to “eat more low-calorie-dense foods”
  • If you want to increase your energy, focus on diet and eat snacks that contain protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates, like yogurt, grape with low fat cheese that will reduce your feeling depression
  • For reducing your heart disease risk and sharpening your mind, you can exercise, like cardio or aerobic exercise for almost three hours a week

It seems there are videos for burning your calories, but you will find the video that is weird to burn calories (it’s a good suggestion, but you need to think it again). Here are videos I found =

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