The World For Tales Of Berseria Will Connect Tales Of Zestiria


Bandai Namco Entertainment will also release Tales Of Berseria For Playstation 4 and Steam PC on Europe. In addition, Bandai Namco Entertainment have revealed the world of Tales Of Berseria will set as the past before Tales Of Zestiria. The setting will set as Wasteland, the contintent that will come to be called “Glenwood” in Tales Of Zestiria. The world of Tales Of Berseria And Tales Of Zestiria will set in the same world, however the world in Berseria will be a completely different than Zestiria with some places and culture that will relate between two world. Few keywords have revealed, which are =

  • Goma, something that can transform living beings into monsters, like animals for having Goma Disease
  • Goma Disease, the disease that transforms humans into monsters. Many living people are affected with it. Some people are able to reduce for not going to transform, but others are also keep transform for a reason
  • Seirei, a race that deals with artes and use the power of nature. “Most of them are not self-conscious and are used as familiars by humans”. Laphicet is an example of Seirei
  • Scarlet Night, the scarlet moon that have some sort of connection to Goma Disease

Tales Of Berseria will release for Playstation 3, Playstation 4 in Japan and Playstation 4 and Steam PC in Europe. Here is the trailer video =

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