Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Has Revealed

Square Enix has revealed the first footage trailer of Final Fantasy 7 Remake for Playstation 4 during PlayStation Experience 2015. The game will be a “multi part series”. Here are information summary from the interview with Kitase Yoshinori and Nomura Tetsuya =

  • The official title is Final Fantasy remake because they want to focus the remake rather than spin-off or sequel
  • Various companies, including CyberConnect2, are supporting development, with different production taste while Nomura wanted to create the game with its own style
  • Advent Children’s models will not be used
  • Parties will be three and players can switch freely between them. Players can also control one character
  • The battle system will change from command-based battle into seamless active battle with the level with Dissidia Final Fantasy
  • Elements such as ATB Gauge and Limit Breaks will appear in new ways

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