Christmas Eve Comedian Movie Will Reveal In USA

Christmas Eve 2015 American Comedy Movie Logo

Mitch Davis and Larry King have teamed up with other staff and Amplify/Go Digital to direct, distribute, and produce an upcoming American Christmas comedy movie that will release in USA on December 4, 2015, Christmas Eve. Although the title is still on managing, all casts have revealed =

  1. Patrick Steward as Harry
  2. Juliet Aurbey as Martha
  3. David Bamber as Walt
  4. Martyn Ellis as Jacob
  5. Cheryl Hines as Dawn
  6. Amalia Vitale as Kendra
  7. Jenny Oaks Baker as Mandy
  8. Max Casella as Randy
  9. Jon Heder as James
  10. Shawn Southwick as Nurse Wilda
  11. Gary Cole as Doctor Roberts
  12. Julianna Guill as Ann
  13. James Roday as B
  14. Taylor James as Nick
  15. Lex Shrapnel as Tim

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