MagCable, A New Cable Charger For Multi Devices

Another marvelous from aMagic Team. aMagic Team has developed a magnetic cable that charges easily, MagCable. It is designed for both Android and iPhone. Tehere are features on MagCable =

  1. A neodymium magnet that has a magnetic power on 200 degree Celsius
  2. It can be connected as reversible plug, which means the MagCable can plug at different sides
  3. If the user wants to charge the device, the user can charge it with turning off the data synchronization
  4. When the user wants to find the charges in the dark, the MagCable can help to check the charging status and help user to locate the cable in the dark
  5. The copper on MagCable is different than normal cable to improve the charging speed which is twice than normal

Here is the video demonstration =

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