3D Printing, A Good Product With Good Qualities

If you like to create animations using the additive manufacturing process of 3D printing and developing models, then you will like the 3d printing creation from Shapeways. Shapeways, the marketplace and service and startup company that is led in New York, made great process of 3d printing. The process includes =

  1. Checking, where the model is checked after the designer posted or uploaded it and give a feedback to the designer what to do for the creation
  2. Build Planning, where the model is built after the checking model is clear. “The goal of build planning is to give the best quality of all designers with low prices”
  3. 3D Printing, the model that developed in popular materials, which are sandstone, strong flexible plastics, cast metals, and frosted ultra detail plastics
  4. Post Production, the model is excavated after the 3D printing is completed
  5. Finishing, where the model is filled by various materials that based on “Checking” section
  6. Quality checking, where every model is needed a checking process so every designer gets good quality
  7. Packing, where the model is packaged and ready to ship globally

The process to get a good product is similar with creating a toy from plasticine. It was very hard for creating an animation at first, but you will have a passion to develop if you are liking it.

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