Porche Accepts Apple And Rejects Google’s Agreement

The latest Porsche’s storied 911 Carrera and Carrera S support Apple CarPlay because Android made too much critical information.
Porche did not too supportive to handle over raw date from “991/992’s onboard diagnostics unit, known as the OBD2 in automotive parlance, to Google as per Android Auto’s user agreement.” For unknown reason, the internet demands manufactures that can access to metrics relations. Speed, throttle position, oil temp, engine revs and other system specifics. As for Apple’s Carplay, all requirements from Porche are much less need. “Cupertino only queries a vehicle’s PCM to check whether it’s in motion, a simply safety consideration adopted by decades ago when OEMs got serious about in-car audio/video integration.”
In the end, Porche accepts Apple and cancel Google for the performance car.

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