Gundam Extreme VS Force TV Commercial Has Revealed

Gundam Extreme VS Force Logo

Bandai Namco Entertainment Has revealed the commercial video of upcoming Gundam VS series that will release for Playstation Vita with the release date December 23, 2015 with the price JPY 6,800 (USD 56.44), Gundam Extreme VS Force. The game will feature new playable Mobile Suits and pilots. Players will enjoy series familiars two-on-two Gundam battles, and players will assemble one battlleship and setting three platoons of two mobile suits each. With new “Force System”, players can command their troops and make the strategy to defeat enemies. Next features are =

  1. Extreme Force Mode, the main mode where plays with original mission and continues in various situations
  2. Force Battle Mode, where players compete with friends in multiplayer battle

Mobile Suits and pilot that are confirmed are =

  1. Gundam
  2. Char’s Zaku II
  3. Zeta Gundam
  4. Full Armor ZZ Gundam
  5. Nu Gundam
  6. Unicorn Gundam
  7. Gundam Wing Zero
  8. Freedom Gundam
  9. Gouf Ignited
  10. Gundam Exia
  11. G-Self
  12. Gundam Barbatos (download code)

For assembly units and battleships that currently confirmed are =

  1. GM
  2. Rick Dom
  3. Hizack
  4. Jegan
  5. Jagd Doga
  6. Rewllooa
  7. Nahel Argama

Here is the commercial video =

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