Microsoft Sues GER Arizona-Based For Stole And Sold Illegal Softwares

Microsoft is suing the electronic recycling contractor Global Electronic Recyling (GER) after employees stole and sold softwares with the price million dollars that was supposed to be destroyed in US Distric Court of Western Washington. GER has to pay more than 70,000 copies of Office 2010 Software after it went to the black market. This case is not the first time for Microsoft. “The strategy is to enforce its copyright no matter the size of the company. If Microsoft lets the alleged thefts go, it would suggest the company doesn’t care about its trademarks and make them harder to enforce”. Danny and Gary Kirkpatrik, owners of Arizona-based GER, and 10 employees violated its contract with Microsoft and failed to protect Microsoft property, which have to responsible to pay copyright damages.

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