The Drop Price For Playstation 4 Will Begin In Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has released new promotional video for Playstation 4 and video games titles with the drop price that will start on October 1, 2015. The price for the console will be JPY 34,980 (excluding tax) Here is the promotional video =

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Bimanual Pin Insertion Assembly For IKEA Chair

The Control Robotics Intelligence (CRI) gruops made the video for creating IKEA chair. The first steps is the pin insertion. The framework for Robotic Assembly is created by Fransisco Suarez-Ruiz and Quang Cuong Pham from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Here is the video =

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Microsoft Sues GER Arizona-Based For Stole And Sold Illegal Softwares

Microsoft is suing the electronic recycling contractor Global Electronic Recyling (GER) after employees stole and sold softwares with the price million dollars that was supposed to be destroyed in US Distric Court of Western Washington. GER has to pay more than 70,000 copies of Office 2010 Software after it went to the black market. This case is not the first time for Microsoft. “The strategy is to enforce its copyright no matter the size of the company. If Microsoft lets the alleged thefts go, it would suggest the company doesn’t care about its trademarks and make them harder to enforce”. Danny and Gary Kirkpatrik, owners of Arizona-based GER, and 10 employees violated its contract with Microsoft and failed to protect Microsoft property, which have to responsible to pay copyright damages.

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The Angry Birds Will Get A Movie In Year 2016

Clay Kaytis, Fergal Reily, John Cohen, Catherin Winder have worked together with Rovio Entertainment and Sony Pictures to direct and produced an upcoming computer animated action comedy that will release sometime year 2016, The Angry Birds Movie. The movie will base on Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds application games with casts =

  1. Jason Sudeikis as Red
  2. Josh Gad as Chuck
  3. Danny Mcbride as Bomb
  4. Billy Hader as Leonard
  5. Maya Rudolph as Matilda
  6. Tony Hale
  7. Keegan-Michael Key
  8. Peter Dinklage as Mighty Eagle

Here is the trailer =

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Survival Mode Has Revealed For Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul

Saint Seiya Soldiers' Soul Logo 2

Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed another battle system of an upcoming Saint Seiya game that will release on Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and Steam PC with the price JPY 7,120 (USD 57.67) on September 25, 2015, Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul. The Survival Mode, where players fight many saint fighters. When the enemy is defeated, the health gauge, will recover, but it will depends on the rank. When the player gets a low rank, the health gauge will get less and when the player gets a better rank, the health gauge will get more. In addition, each battle will face challenges to get a better rank.

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Final Fantasy XV Trailers “Dawn” Has Revealed

Square Enix has revealed the trailer of an upcoming Final Fantasy video games that will release for Playstation 4, and XBOX One in year 2016, Final Fantasy XV. The trailer contains the different path and life of Notics and Luna. The trailer has also revealed on Tokyo Games Show 2015. Here is the trailer =

Square Enix has also revealed the location hunting record for making of Final Fantasy XV. Here is the location hunting video =

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