Kamen Rider Storm Heroes Will Set For iPhone And Android Series

Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed an action RPG that will release sometime year 2015 on iPhone and Android series, Kamen Rider Storm Heroes. The characters will contain good and evil kamen riders, with the feature Kamen Rider Drive with the movie series. The game system is simple. Choose kamen rider characters, touch and point them to the enemy that must defeat and you will get items. For finishers, which is called “Storm skill” gauge, will get after the gauge is full, and then perform the finishers. Players can also skip the finishers. As for team, players can choose the main team and sub team with cost that need to defeat, and then try to upgrade them to defeat enemies and bosses. There will be set the story. The product code, Kamen Rider Mach, will available. Here is the trailer =

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