Boeing 787 Dreamliners Problems From FAA

Boeing 787 Dreamliners is needed to repair and change with other planes that fully operational. On the laboratory, Federal Aviation Administration made their test on the plane and found out that the power control units could shut down the power generators for 248 days or about eight months. Boeing is working on the software update that should be ready on the fourth quarter 2015. The 787 has six electrical generators and each generators is linked to the control unit. ” if the four engine generators were left on continuously for about eight months, a software internal counter would overflow and cause the control units to enter a fail-safe mode. The FAA warned that this could result in a loss of all electrical power, regardless of whether the plane was in flight”. Doug Adler, the spokes man from Boeing Communications mentioned “It is important to note this issue was observed in the lab only (after 8 months of continuous power which would be highly unusual)”.

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