Microsoft HoloLens Will Be The Life Of Work

Microsoft held the annual Build Conference in San Fransisco California that focused on Windows 10, Azure and HoloLens. Windows 10 will release on sometime Summer 2015, but Microsoft also shared “the goal of bringing Windows 10 to one billion devices in 2-3 years from its launch”. Microsoft shared seven elements that will be useful from Windows 10, Azure and HoloLens =

  • The code name minimalist browser from Microsoft, Project Spartan, has renamed into Microsoft Edge. Joe Belfiore, Microsoft Vice President, stated Edge refers to the idea of consuming and creating. It also refers to the developer that is being closer to the capabilities of the Web
  • Buyers can launch desktop applications from Start menu, download music on Xbox Music and and Music Preview Apps, and continue to listen the audio after Windows Insiders playing sound has minimized. Windows Spotlight, the new feature, updates the lock screen with personalized info and pictures
  • Android developers will use Java and C++ on Windows 10 and iOS developers will use Objective C code. The usage of both applications on Windows 10 is to “to enable developers to bring their creations to Windows 10 without fully rebuilding them”
  • CEO Satya Nadella mentioned and demonstrated the notifications for applications on all devices that run on the OS, will be available eventhough the application is closed and customers can use HDMI cord to connect and view their phones on larger screens
  • Users who wear the VR headset can manipulate applications screens on Windows 10 and use their voices so any browsers follow them. The report also mentioned “HoloLens lends itself to education by having a medical student use it to study anatomy”. Recently, Microsoft gained the glasses patent that gauge the wearer’s emotional response to something they see, which is called a “wearable emotion detection and feedback system”. It shows the comparison sensory input within the range of gestures, posture and speech to humans and primates
  • The Visual Studio Code, a code editor that is designed for Mac and Linux Operating System, is available on Windows 10 and can be used with .NET Core Software, a software that allows developers to build cloud apps accross platforms
  • A new data storage from Microsoft, Azure Data Lake, will use for developers to save their data without agitate the capacity restrictions for individual files. “Its goal is to run Hadoop and advanced analytics on all data in order to draw conclusions. The Azure Data Lake is ready and can be used on any existing data platforms”

Here are the commercial and the conference on Microsoft Build videos I found = Source =