Barracuda Luggage Is The Answer For Your Travel

It seems I found a tech video that relates with travel problem. You wake up late around 8:00 AM and you need to fly to Canada on 11:30 AM, but you still need to pack your stuff, documents and boarding pass that need to get on the airport, the Barracuda Luggage is the answer because the all-in-one suitcase that will fit for travelling. The product has a collapsible function, which it can change into the folded state so it can be keep under the bed or on the cupboard. It also has the tray that can adjust your laptop so you can send out important files, e-mails or anything that fits you. Barracuda also uses GSM-GPRS technology for tracking locations which relies on mobile networks so it can be tracked of your luggage. Here is the video I found =

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