Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Game Updates Has Revealed

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja developed new Arcade game Dissidia Final Fantasy on Dissidia Final Fantasy Closed Conference 2015. Tha game will launch on Fall 2015. The game arcade machine has revealed and the screenshot for different graphics for Arcade and Playstation 4 has revealed. Features for the new Dissidia Final Fantasy game has also revealed =

  • The Three vs Three Battle
  • HP Attack = more HP attacks, more HP will deal on the enemy
  • Brave Attack = Brave Attack executes, the break bonus on the enemy has taken by player
  • Summon Beasts is available as temporary the fourth members, where can activate when players called it
  • Customization for Battle BGM, stages, characters, summons, battle music, custom parts and others has also provided and will reveal on arcade games

The location test will held on 2 dates =

  • April 17 – 19, 2015 on Akihabara, Tokyo + Sendai Leisurelan Ichibansho Store (Sendai, Miyagi) + Nagoya Leisurelan Sasashima Store (Nagoya, Aichi)
  • April 24 – 26, 2015 on Sega Ikebukuro GiGO (Ikebukuro, Tokyo) + Round One Stadium Sennichimae Store (Sennichimae, Osaka) + Taito Station Fukuoka Tenjin Store (Tenjin, Fukuoka)

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