Playstation 4 Sold Well Around The World, Except Japan

Many gamers expected to get more games for Playstation 4, but they will “waste” it. It is true that the launching of Playstation 4 from Sony sold more than 20 million units to customers around the world. However, Niconico News stated Playstation 4 only sold around 1.1 million units in Japan, compared with Playstation 3 that sold one million units in Japan for 9 months.

The reason why Playstation 4 does not sell high in Japan because Japanese people prefer mobile games and PC browser games, not to mention they are “popular right now”. “Trying to put a 47-inch LCD TV in my 10-tatami room (about 16 square meters) and having lots of free time? I don’t have that sort of foreign country lifestyle, so a PS4 would be waste for me.”

Final Fanasy Type 0 HD will sell in Japan soon, Ryuga No Gotoku 0 (Yakuza 0) has released on March 12, 2015, but many people in Japan will doubt to buy them, “so there’s a lot of speculation that PlayStation 4 sales will pick up in the coming weeks”. In addition, April is the students who will graduate and starts new jobs. “A steady paycheck could encourage them to start spending on luxuries, but there again all that overtime might make them think twice about splurging on something they won’t get to use.”

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