Majora’s Mask DLC Pack Has Added on Zelda Musou

Koei Tecmo Games have revealed Zelda, Majoura No Kamen (Majora’s Mask) Pack and other updates of an upcoming musou games that will release for Nintendo Wii U in Japan in August 14, 2014 with the price JPY 7,389 (USD 72.74) for the package and JPY 6,463 (USD 63.63) for the download content, Zelda Musou. Here are other updates =

  • Increase Max Level
  • New Mixing Materials
  • New Medals
  • New Weapon Skills
  • “Skills Cancellation,” “Skills Advice,” and “Weapons Sale” on Junk Store has added
  • The screen “Damage Taken” and “Retry” have added
  • Majora’s Mask Pack DLC has added

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