E-Sports Should Be Part Of Olympic Gamers

Many sports, such as swimming, running or soccer can be part of Olympic Sport, but Rob Pardo, a former chief creative at Blizzard Entertainment, mentioned different. Rob mentioned on BBC 5 Live “videogames are well positioned to be a spectator sport”. The e-sport attracts audiences (I prefer to use it instead “gamers”), but being an Olympic Sport is questionable because getting approval into Olympic Games will face different process from International Olympic Comittee or IOC.

Professional e-sports (or competitive video gaming) could be a good sport in the Olympic Games. As for example, The League Legends Championship Series Will appear for Spring Qualifiers on January 20, 2015, February 4, 2015 for the conclusion, and February 17, 2015 will make a kick-off.

“Video games face the same hurdle, but has done its best to at least act like a sport, by adding measures such as an anti-doping programme”.

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