Les Baugh Has Made His Debut With The Prosthetic Arms

Les Baugh, a person who lost his two arms for electrical accident 40 years ago, has made his debut to become the first amputee in the world for wearing and controlling two robotic arms and performing many tasks with his mind.

The arm, Modular Prosthetic Limbs is developed by John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. Albert Chi, the medical director, mentioned the procedure how the robotic arm works. By assigning nerves in human brain, the robot prosthetic devices can perform any daily activity only by thinking what performance the user want to act. However, Baugh had to trained the APL’s pattern recognition system, which uses algorithms to identify individual muscles, the measurement of intercommunication and the amplitude and frequency that will instruct to control limb area. Then, use a custom socket that connects with Baugh’s nerves, and act to the prosthetic arms that was able to practice using the limbs through a virtual-reality of limbs. Courtney Moran, APL prosthetic, mentioned that the task may simulate to face every day activity in a day-to-day environment at home by 10 days of training.

He also expected Baugh to exceed performance that might achieve more than what has achieved before by his training. Here is the video =

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