Haul-a-Day Will Make Your Life Easier With Bicycle

It seems I found a sports article, and it is related with invention. Hanna Scholz, the president of Bike Friday invented the green gear project that makes people want to invent more. Haul-a-Day is a bike that allows household to ride one size adjustable bike. The unique of Haul-a-Day are =

  1. It fits riders 4 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 4 inches (135 cm to 195 cm)
  2. It is light from 32 pounds or more so it can store cargo easily
  3. More suitable for riders who have their cargo to 220 pounds or 100 kg and cargo loads to 200 pounds or 91 kg. The upgrade is available to 260 pounds for the rider and 300 pounds for the cargo
  4. The front and rear wheels measured 20 inches and the center of bicycle is lower with the ride stability so the wheels can accelerate easily from the stop situation
  5. The custom built with rider’s choices are 14 colors and equipment and gears from 8 to 72 speeds so riders can choose the bicycle type whatever they want
  6. The Haul-a-Day is made in Eugene, Oregon USA

The Haul-a-Day is originally developed by Alan Scholz, then Shane MacRhodes tried “Alan’s experiment bicycle” (I called that) on the road. Shane, later, felt satisfied and wrote on his blog. From Shane’s blog, people demanded more on their teamwork.

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