Kodak PixPro Will Be Your Friend In Travel

Maspro Denkoh Corporation, made an agreement with JK Imaging Corporation of the US to sell Kodak PIXPRO SP360 on November 21, 2014 with the price JPY 41,500 (USD 361.05). PIXPRO SP 360 is the camera that can take 360 degrees HD Quality movies in horizontal and 214 dgrees in Vertical.

PIXPRO SP 360 can remotely operate by installing PIXPRO_SP360 Setup Wizard that has come with the product so users can access the camera from the Smartphone or PC via Wi-Fi to view images that has displayed. It also features BSICMOS sensor (Back-Illuminated Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor sensor) that can take 16.38 Mega Pixel resolution. Here is the video I found =

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