More Updates Of Final Fantasy Explorers

Square Enix has revealed more updates of an upcoming action RPG video game that will release for Nintendo 3DS on December 18, 2014 with the prize JPY 5,800 (USD 54.52) for the game and JPY 4,500 (USD 42.30) for the download content, Final Fantasy Explorers. Here are updates:

  • Players start the adventure and get more quests. After players finish quests, players receive Crystal Point (CP) and Ability as the reward
  • Original Ability can get before questing, but need more CP
  • The Crystal Drive can be used during the battle, but only once and need to recharge it for a while, which will be the best use at critical moment or the HP enemy is low
  • Trance system, a skill that can be used during the battle, where players can perform special attacks
  • New fields are revealed, which are the airship graveyard Pojo’s Forest (Odin is available on the field), the rocky Davis Plateau, the Torabi Sea Cave (Leviathan is shown), and the Rapunson Desert
  • Amaterasu, the first time summoning beast, make the appearance in Final Fantasy Explorers
  • FF Characters such as Tidus, Yuna (FFX-2), Bartz Klause (FFV) and Leon (FFVIII) are shown in the field