Kamen Rider Summon Ride Will Launch For Playstation 3 and Wii U

With the teamwork with Skylanders and Disney Infinity, Bandai Namco Games has revealed for the NFC figure toy based Kamen Rider game for the Wii U and Playstation 3, Kamen Rider Summonride. The basic system will be simple. Put Kamen Rider figures to the console and a Kamen Rider character can perform actions. Each figures has five elemental abilities, which are, fire, water, wind, light and dark. Howver those elemental only fit into the figures as well as leveling up.

“Players can also buff up their current character by placing one of two types of chips onto the device with the figure. One type, the Kyouka Ride Chip, lets characters transform into new forms, while another, the Nakama Ride Chip, summons a support character to help out for a limited period of time”. Kamen Rider Summon Ride will launch in Japan for JPY 8,500 (does not include taxes) (USD 78.2).