Google Driveless Car Will Drive On The Road With The Exceed Speed Limit

Google company has given a permission to test Google’s driveless cars to drive with the break speed limit 10 mph or 16 km/h, but the permission is given by software engineers. The lead Google driveless car project, Dmitri Dolgov, mentioned to Reuters that if surrounding vehicles increase the speed limit, drive slowly will cause crash so the Google car shall increase the speed limit too. The prototype has tested widely in the US while UK will have to wait until Year 2015.

Google driveless car is announced in year 2010 and has tested with different cars with modified version. The result indicated the cars had travelled mostly in California. The car with bubble shape will drive in 25 mph (40mk/h) for the safety as the priority to drive in May.

The White House mentined all cars and light trucks to be equipped with the technology that could prevent collisions.


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