Make Your Password Is Secured

Most users insert passwords with few digits that have been provided by system and the password’s length is strong. However, hackers can give “uncrack” user’s password that has inserted easily. Here are steps that make your password is stronger (I copy and paste words from the source I found):

  • Make your password long. You put your password types from around 14, 25 or more. Be careful, some passwords have length limit
  • Use combinations for your passwords. When you create your passwords, make sure it combines alphabets, numbers and symbols like “newpost@128933521378476isthebest”
  • When you create the password, make sure your password avoids words from any dictionaries because hackers can know your password and hack it. For instance: your password is “allwordpress123456!!!” and then hackers know your password. However, when your password is “allinonewordpress123945757239kasisthebestintheword”, that will be a different story for hackers
  • “Substitute characters. For instance, use the number zero instead of the letter O, or replace the S with a dollar sign.”
  • Make sure the password is had to guess by hackers. You should not use your name, company name, hometown, or anything that can be hacked by them, including the word “password”
  • If your password has expired, make sure you change your password with a brand new password and never reuse it, except using simple passwords and repeat them on situations that will relate in your life
  • “Some services such as Gmail even give you the option of using two passwords when you use a particular computer or device for the first time. If you have that feature turned on, the service will send a text message with a six-digit code to your phone when you try to use Gmail from an unrecognized device. You’ll need to enter that for access, and then the code expires. It’s optional, and it’s a pain — but it could save you from grief later on. Hackers won’t be able to access the account without possessing your phone. Turn it on by going to the account’s security settings”


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