Kamen Rider Battride 2 PV 3 Has Revealed

Kamen Rider Battrifde War 2 Image

Bandai Namco Games has revealed the third preview video of a sequel of Kamen Rider Battride War that will release on Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii U with the price JPY 7,120 (USD 69.77) without soundtrack and JPY 10,450 (USD 102.41) with Premium Soundtrack Edition, Kamen Rider Battride War 2. The trailer contained the beginning of Kamen Rider Gaim Movies, where Gaim, Baron, Ryugen are warped into a Warring States Period-esque world where the Kamen Riders called Warrior Gods or Bujin. Members of Kamen Rider Gaim that will participate in the game are, Gaim, Baron, Ryugen, Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim. With finding the truth of the states period-esque and back to their world, Gaim meets previous modern Kamen Riders to fight the enemy who warped them. Here is the Preview Video 3:

For more information and check more trailer videos, visit:



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