The Twenty Fifth Year for World Wide Web

World Wide Web will celebrate the 25th year on March 12, 2014. The inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, a British
computer Scientist and former CERN employee in Switzerland, presented the history of the web, but he faced obstacles on developing the web. At first, Marc Weber, the creator and curator of the internet history program at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, did not recognize Tim’s proposal.

Berners-Lee tried to adopt his system, the world wide web into CERN on year 1969 that “it worked on various computer operating systems”. In addition, he added the ability to click on links so files can be accessed on computer elsewhere. However, he faced his defeat from web’s rival, US-based CompuServe and France’s Minitel because their system added fees while Berners-Lee’s system was free. Later in year 1993, Weber worked together with former US President Al Gore and created
website. For more comments and information, visit:



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