Whatsapp Users, Pay attention on Your Privacy

It seems I find an article that related with technology, but I search this news because My cell phone’s condition is “almost” dying, especially on the battery and I looked the tech news and I somehow got the news that related with what I looked the new cell phone device and my friend’s founding (sorry, cannot tell the name. However, I give a credit to my friend).

If you want to use Whatsapp application, you better have to pay attention with your privacy because Facebook can check your privacy. Take the example in Germany, the place where people change their users from Whatsapp users to Theerma, an messenger application that has security. “With true end-to-end encryption, users can rest assured that only the user and the intended recipient can read users’ messages. Unlike other popular messaging apps (including those claiming to use encryption), even the server operator have absolutely no way to read users’ messages.”

With Facebook has already bought Whatsapp, users in Germany switched it into Theerma because “Facebook announced on Wednesday (February 19, 2014) that it plans to acquire WhatsApp, a mobile messaging service with about 450 million monthly users, for $12 billion in shares, $4 billion in cash as well as $3 billion in stock options”. WhatsApp uses the specific program or the new feature that will show users only. Whatsapp also may use both personal and non personal information to improve the quality and design of its site and service by storing, tracking and analyzing user preferences and trends. However, Thilo Weichert, the data protection commissioner for the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, states “both companies are made in US, where less data protection” that may effect users considerate to try WhatsApp for one year for free or change another messenger application.

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