Netflix’s Market Shares “Goes Down” by The Start of Year 2014

It seems I found media news, but it’s related with market. Netflix’s market is decreasing by the beginning of Year 2014. According to Morgan Stanley’s market result, Netflix has a “dropping” in share on 5.2% to USD 340.83. Morgan Stanley’s market analyst, Scott Devitt decreased Netflix’s rating price from USD 333 to USD 310. He also added the comment:

Competition challenges subscriber retention, and an analysis of churn scenarios indicates that Netflix may be closer to domestic saturation than the market thinks

While Mr Devitt gives an opportunity to Netflix, Rich Tullo of Albert Fried & Co made an opposite comment “For me the shares are a waste of time and my mistake is covering Netflix”. During past 3 years (2011 – 2013), Netflix has made good share performances (21.84%, 73.47%, and 78.46%).

With the decreasing share performance in year 2014, it makes a bad view that Netflix need to rise the share performance again so it will not get a “downfall”.

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