Need For Speed will Show Who The Best Driver

DreamWorks Studios, Touchstone Pictures and Scott Waugh have worked together to create an upcoming car racing movie that will release sometime in March, 2014. The story begins with Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul), a good street racer with his skillfully teams with his ex-partner Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper), an ex NASCAR driver with wealthy and arrogant attitude.

However, their friendship ends with Dino framed Tobey as killing victims in street race. Two years has passed, Tobby needs to get his honor, honesty and freedom or revenge (depends on his path) by finding better cars, dodging cops and get his revenge against his ex-partner. Here is the trailer I found:

The rating for Need For Speed is not confirmed yet, but it possibly needs parental guidance. For more information, visit:

  • IMDB
  • Official Need For Speed Facebook
  • Official Need For Speed Twitter
  • Official Need For Speed Website


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