Son of God Will Learn Jesus’s Life on February 28, 2014

Christopher Spencer, Robert Hall, 20th Century Fox have teamed up to create an upcoming religion movie that will release on February 28, 2014 in USA, Son of God with the rating PG-13 (strongly needs Parental Guidance for children under 13). Son of God will run based on “The Bible” a 10 hour mini-series that is created by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett. Here is the trailer I found:

Here are casts whom have confirmed in Son of God:

  1. Diogo Morgado
  2. Roma Downey
  3. Amber Rose Revah
  4. Louise Delamere
  5. Darwin Shaw
  6. Andrew Brooke
  7. Adrian Schiller
  8. Simon Kunz
  9. Sebastian Knapp
  10. Greg Hicks
  11. Joe Wredden
  12. Matthew Gravelle
  13. Paul Marc Davis
  14. Fraser Ayres
  15. Daniel Percival
  16. Paul Brightwell
  17. Joe Coen
  18. Leila Mimmack
  19. Patrice Naiambana
  20. Rick Bacon
  21. Said Bey
  22. Sanaa Mouziane
  23. Anas Chenin

For more information, visit:



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