Iseya Yusuke and Tanaka Min will play on Last 2 Upcoming Rurouni Kenshin Movie series, The Amazing Spiderman 2 Trailer is Revealed

Rurouni Kenshin Movie Next Logo

On the last 2 upcoming Rurouni Kenshin movies (Rurouni Kenshin: The Great Kyoto Fire Arc and Kenshin: The End of a Legend Arc), 2 new cast members have added, which are:

  • Iseya Yusuke will role as Shinomori Aoshi
  • Tanaka min will role as Kashiwasaki Nenji/Okina

The making film progress of last Rurouni Kenshin movie series is almost complete. Even though the date is still unknown, the movie will launch on sometime year 2014. For more information, visit:

Next, after the successor or “The Amazing Spiderman” movie that had released on July 3, 2012 in United States, Marc Webb and Columbia pictures is directing and distributing a sequel, “The Amazing Spiderman 2” that will release on May 4, 2014. The story will set the event after The Amazing Spiderman movie and here is the trailer I found:

For more information, visit:



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