Rubik’s Cube solving Problem with new tune and style, Kamen Rider Travelers Senki TVCM

If you want to solve the cube problem with a good tune, then Rubik’s Cube will be your guide with a new tune, style and “a time limit” problem solving. Here is the video I found:

For more information, visit:

Next Next, Bandai Namco Games has revealed TVCM of Kamen Rider Travelers Senki, an upcoming action adventure games that will release for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on November 28, 2013 with the price JPY 5,480 (USD 55.78). The TVCM contains Kamen Rider Gaim along other 4 Kamen Riders that participates on the game. Here is the TVCM:

For more information, visit:



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