PIANO System will learn you how to practice music, Kamen Rider Legends for Mobile Game

When we were childhood, it makes sense that we “avoided, abandoned or gave up” playing music instruments, especially piano because we wanted to find something that might interest our childhood. However, playing piano with Projected Instrument Augmentation system (PIANO) will be a different story.

Projected Instrument Augmentation system (PIANO) is a keyboard projection that helps novices to learn music without reading the music book. The PIANO system is founded by pianists Katja Rogers and Amrei Röhlig and their colleagues at the University of Ulm in German.

When you play the piano, the novice will give an keyboard projectile that allows the novice to follow the instructions. For example, when you want to play Mozart – Sonata No 16, you can practice it. When you practice, the projectile allows you to listen the piano and show which keyboard that needs to press the keyboard. If there are mistakes, the projectile will stop which needs to press the button. The correct finger color is given with different colors. When the novice has finish practice, the “Play mode” will test how well the novice play the piano.

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Next, Bandai Namco Games has revealed a power up new social mobile game that will release for iOs and Android devices, Kamen Rider Legend. The trailer contains Kamen Rider Gaim is available on Kamen Rider Legend. Wizard and Fourze will also participate on it. The game is originally released on November 2011. Here is a trailer video:

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