Selena Recital and Albag will join on Dai 2 ji Super Robot Taisen OG Dark Prison and New Characters are participated in Super Robot Taisen OG Infinite Battle, Legoleg amputee prosthetic leg making is Complete

SRW OG Infinite Battle and Dark Prison Logo

Bandai Namco Games has revealed few characters and promotion videos on Tokyo Game Show 2013 (under the title “Super Robot Taisen Original Generations INFINITE BATTLE Special Stage”) on September 22, 2013 for Super Robot Taisen OG Infinite Battle and Dai 2 Ji Super Robot Taisen OG Dark Prison, an upcoming RPG that will release on Playstation 3 in video games for Infinite Battle and Download Content in Dark Prison on November 28, 2013 with the price JPY 7,480 (USD 76.12) for the video game JPY 8,980 (USD 91.39) for the full package. Here are some updates:

  • In “Infinite Battle”, Ryune Zoldark (VA: Hidaka Narumi) with her unit Valsione, Irumgald Kazahara (VA: Hirouchi Kenyu) with his unit Grungast Kai, Seolla Schweizer (VA: Kakazu Yumi) with her unit Wild Falken, Leona Garstein (VA: Saibara Yui) with her unit Zigarion, Ratsel Feinschmecker (VA: Inada Tetsu) with his unit Ausenseiter are participated. Here is the trailer video
  • In “Dark Prison”, Selena Recital (VA: Sato Yuko) and Alberta (VA: unknown for the moment) with their upgrade Gehspesnt Mk III Kai under their new unit names, Gestbern Kwai (Red Color for Selena and Black Color for Alberta) are revealed. They are members of Team Silver. Here is the trailer video:

For more information and watch trailer videos again, visit:

Next, I found a health news, but I put it under “Sports Announcements Update” because this news will challenge you to do the “hardest life”. Christina Stephens, a researcher and therapist, accepts the challenge from her friends who wants to see her left leg, which is amputated, to create a Lego amputated leg. Here is the video I found:

For more information, visit:



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