QX100 and QX10 have been unveiled by Sony, A fan who wait in front of Apple Store for iPhone 5C and 5S, A Japanese man earns JPY 1 Million for Playing Video Games

Sony has revealed a new attachment camera which are Sony QX100 and QX10 attachable Lenses. It also can be used as an external camera unit of the handset. In addition, the attachable lenses can take of to find and take the picture that cannot reach. Here is the presentation or promotion video I found:

For more information and the review of Sony DSC-Q100 and DSC-Q10, visit:

Next, if you want to buy a new iPhone 5C and 5S on September 20, 2013 later, you better have to bring your camping tools and wait on the line in front of Apple store around one week before the release date in order to save your time before you do another activity. In addition, customers who save their entry lines also cannot wait to get iPhone 5C or 5S, like “a 44-year-old Japanese businessman began lining up outside the Apple store in Tokyo’s glitzy shopping district of Ginza on Tuesday, hours before the US IT giant unveiled two new iPhones”. For more reading about it, visit:

Next, if you want to try to make or earn money through video game project, then you shall check this news that contains a Japanese man spends 3 months of gaming and earn JPY 1 million (USD 10,044.5) because he got a project from video games management project team for 3 months, and streams it through social media, such as Niconico every night. If you want to get more information about this great news, visit:



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