The Life of “Diana” will Show on Europe and USA, Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers Battle Video

Oliver Hirschbiegel, Robert Bernstein, and Stephen Jeffreys have worked together to develop a documentary movie about Princess Diana in the movie “Diana”. Casts are revealed, which are:

  1. Naomi Watts
  2. Naveen Andrews
  3. Cas Anvar
  4. Laurence Belcher
  5. Harry Holland
  6. Douglas Hodge
  7. Geraldine James
  8. Charles Edwards

The trailer tells about the story of Princess of South Wales, Diana. She has every life from become a normal life, become a queen, and her obstacles on finding a “right person”. It tells about “family, friendship and the calamity of fame”. Here is the trailer I found:

The movie has released September 5, 2013 for the premiere and it will release on September 20, 2013 in UK and November 1, 2013 in USA. For more information, visit:

Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers Promo Logo

Next, Bandai Namco Games has made a teaser PV of Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers, an upcoming Saint Seiya video games for Playstation 3 that will come on October 17, 2013 in Japan with the price JPY 13,480 (USD 134.88) for Pegasus Box (include Pegasus Seiya Original Color Edition Figure and Download Content) and JPY 7,480 (USD 74.84). The battle PV contains the battle between Aries Gold Saint Shion vs Libra Gold Saint Dhoko. Here is the video:

For more information, visit:



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