Slip and Slide Loop at Home, Drag on Dragoon Updates Battle System, Two’s Story and New Character

It seems I found a humor video, but you shall never try this humor experiment alone because it is very dangerous to do it. The humor experiment begins with Clint Walker and Clive Dixon with their friends, whose promote their Kickstarter Project, begin their experiment to create “a big slip and slide loop” at home (if I check the article and watch the video correctly). At first, they created their experiments from the roof, tried to slide and it was “painful” (you can see few blood marks on the video). Later, they make their test again with some “safety tools” like the mattress, then they tried the “speed” with another tools that made their slides fast. What will the result be? Well, you can check the humor video I found:

If you want to check more information about their project, you can check and support them on:

Drag On Dragoon 3

Next Square Enix has updated new character and battle system of Drag on Dragoon, an Action RPG that will launch for Playstation 3 on October 10, 2013 with the price JPY 7,980 (USD 82.20) and JPY 19,800 (USD 203.95) for The 10th Memorial Box in Japan with CERO D (Rate M for Mature). A new Character, Two, has appeared. She is the cheerful girl type and the third daughter of the country of sand, Utautai. Another battle system update, Ground War Mode, is a battle system where characters ride dragoons and attack enemies with dragoons’ abilities. On “Novel” section, Two’s story life is revealed. For more information and pictures, visit:



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