Biohazard Revelation Unveiled Edition Trailer 2, Special Arrangement Track, and 3 Model Guns Gameplay and Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Updates

Biohazard Revelations Unveiled Edition Logo

Capcom Japan has revealed a new trailer, special arrangement track, and 3 model guns of Biohazard Revelation Unveiled Edition. It is also confirmed that Rachel will playable on Raid Mode, new BOW types, changing and adding text message via Miiverse. Biohazard (Resident Evil) Revelations Unveiled Edition is a survival horror video games that will release in Japan (May 23, 2013), USA (May 21, 2013), and Europe (May 24, 2013) for Multiplatform (Playstation 3, XBOX 360, PC, Wii U, and PC) with CERO D (Rate M for Mature (age 17 and up)). Here are the gameplay videos and the second trailer:

For more information, news, and new features, visit:

Lighting Returns Final Fantasy XIII Logo

Next, Square Enix has announced few updates of Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII for Playstation 3 and XBOX 360, which is the Dead Dunes, where Lightning can slide downhill in it, and 2 abilities of Overclock system, which are Lightspeed allows her to slow down time from enemies and attack them and Recovery Magic, which recovery spells for herself. However, both abilities requires EPs, it is advised to use potions before spending EPs on recovery spells. If you want to check more information and pictures, visit:



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