Tales of Hearts R Character and Battle System Updates

Tales of Hearts R Logo

Bandai Namco Games has announced few updates of Tales of Hearts R, an upcoming remake RPG from Nintendo DS for Playstation Vita that will release on March 7, 2013 in Japan with CERO B (age 12 and up) or Rating T for Teen (Age 13 and up) and the price will be JPY 6,480 (US $76.83) and JPY 5,830 (US $69.12) for Download. Here are updates:

  1. Tales of Hearts R Infinite Evolve, an action RPG for product code
  2. Costumes for every character, including download contents
  3. Key Characters, which are:
    1. Zechs Meteoryte (VA: Mugihito)
    2. Chen Corallo (VA: Akimoto Yosuke)
    3. Ekaiyu (VA: Saiki Kahori)
    4. Zanki Corallo (VA: Satou Rina)
    5. Byrocks Burrows (VA: Miyake Kenta)
    6. Periot Hamilton (VA: Nogawa Skura)
    7. Paraiba Marine de Rais (VA: Noto Mamiko)
    8. Ameth Wong (VA: Mizushima Takahiro)
    9. Gannet (VA: Horiuchi Kenyu)
  4. Party Character Videos, which are:
    1. Shing Meteoryte
    2. Kohak Hearts
    3. Hisui Hearts
    4. Beryl Bonito
    5. Garad Grinus

  5. Spell Drive Battle System that triggers Hi-Ougi (Mystic Artes)
  6. Chase Link Battle System

You can watch character and battle system videos and check more information and updates on:



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