Rumah Kentang (Potato House) will haunt you on October 4, 2012 in Indonesia

Ok, I found an interesting media news, but it has posted August 10, 2012 and it is posted in Indonesian languages. Hmmm, it seems Hitmaker Studios has announced an Indonesian Horror Movie called Rumah Kentang (Potato House). The shooting video took place at an urban legend house. I will copy and paste the synopsis (Sorry. Huaaa :(( crying):

“Farah was forced to return from Melbourne to Jakarta. Her younger sister, Rika who was in high school is left alone in Jakarta because her mother has died. Up in Jakarta, Farah found two things that makes her not to continue her studies again: take care Rika and their family finances which already close to zero. Farah herself never really knew his family problems.

Since she graduated from junior high school, Farah continue her senior high school and college in Melbourne. Her mother had already sold their homes for their lives and Farah education costs in Melbourne. They continued to live in a rented house which is quite large, but now finally it difficult because it’s not cheap.

Farah panic. It’s all too sudden for her. But her mother’s will found that they still have her first mother’s house. The house that her mother thought was a good investment because they are in the luxury area.

But until now, has repeatedly tried to sell the house but never sold. News is that it’s because the house is “Rumah Kentang” a house where there is child ghost. Because they have no other choice, Farah and Rika was forced to move.”

Rumah Kentang (Potato House) will release in Indonesian theatres on October 4, 2012. If you want to check more information and the trailer, you can visit:

Note: If you are foreigners, you need to translate it into english since there is one article that contains Indonesian Languages

Be advised, this movie contains violence, blood and gore. It is possibly rated M for Mature. It does not suitable for children. Never attempt this movie into a real life.



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